We are OSoSLO!

We are a full-service software and web development agency with a broad range of capabilities. From embedded firmware, native server, desktop and mobile applications, web applications and e-commerce sites, we do it all.

Our approach is very client-focused. We first spend the time to get to know you, and to understand your needs and wants. Next, we'll discuss possible approaches identifying the features, benefits, advantages and drawbacks of each. By having you involved at each step in the process, a positive outcome is nearly inevitable.

Software and Web Development

If you are looking for an agency that can handle all of your development needs, you have found it. Our clients know that no matter the difficulty of the problem or the area of technology, we can find a solution for them.

Web Application Development

Web Application Development

Scalable Architecture — Meet the growing demands of your business.
High-Performance — Never make the customer wait.
Responsive Design — Optimized for every device.
MVC Frameworks — A strong foundation to support building your dreams.
Data-Driven Logic — Minimize code. Maximize investment.
Website Development

Website Development

SEO Optimization — Ensure the searchers will find you.
Social Integration — Spread the word far and wide.
Content Management — Take control of your message.
Custom Themes — Distinctive designs that illustrate how unique you are.
Mobile App Development

Mobile App Development

Native or Multi-Platform — iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phone, or all of the above.
UI Design — Let us guide you on wireframes, feature details, program flow and look & feel.
Deployment — We make publishing your app easy.
Desktop Software Development

Desktop Software Development

Windows Applications — From simple utilities to full-featured applications.
Installation — We are experts in handling the complexities of install, upgrades and uninstalls.
Licensing — Protect your investment by ensuring only authorized use of your products.
Enterprise Software Development

Enterprise Software Development

Process Automation Systems — Increase your organizational efficiency.
SharePoint Integration — Maximize your SharePoint investment with custom features.
Cryptographic Data Protection — Apply bullet-proof security to business-critical data.

IoT and Embedded Systems

The Internet of Things is poised to revolutionize home, business, industry, agriculture and cities. Let us show you how IoT can benefit your organization.

Internet of Things

Internet of Things

Security — Build trust with your customers by making security a top-priority.
Hardware Design — We guide you with hardware selection, design and customizations.
Device Firmware — We build intelligence into your devices and enable communications with the cloud and other devices.
Cloud Platforms — We can create a scalable cloud platform for you, or integrate your devices with existing platforms.
Integrations — Expand the power of your device network by connecting to other systems, including ERP, e-mail, SMS, etc.

e-Commerce Systems

Whether it's B2C or B2B, your business is only as good as your e-commerce system. We are established experts in the e-commerce business with a proven track record of successful online store deployments.



Server Management — We can help you pick hosting providers, recommend server configurations and architect scalable solutions.
Installations — Whether it's setting up a new store, or keeping an existing one on the latest technology, we can handle the details.
Migrations — Unhappy with your current e-commerce system? We can help move you to Magento, the best e-commerce platform available.
Custom Themes — Make your store shine with a custom theme tailored for your business.
Feature Development — If Magento doesn't have quite everything you need, we can build the features you want.

Business Infrastructure Systems Consulting

We have decades of experience designing, implementing, optimizing and operating business-critical systems. Let us help you eliminate unnecessary manual effort through effective and efficient process automation.

Problem Analysis

Problem Analysis

Perspective Interviews — Gain valuable insight from all relevant stakeholders.
Quantification — Objectively assess problem magnitude based on factors like frequency, severity and scope.
Opportunities — Identify potential areas for improvement within the problem domain.
Constraints — Determine the factors that may interfere with improvements (time, budget, rules, authority, etc.)
Problem Statement — Collect results of analysis into a complete documented assessment of the problem.
Solution Design

Solution Design

Requirements Analysis — Transformation of the problem statement into a clear set of project requirements.
Architecture Master Plan — Development of a high-level plan describing the solution approach and its major components.
Build vs. Buy Analysis — Buy when you can. Build when you must.
Hardware & Services Selection — We will guide you in the choice of equipment and third-party services components of the solution.
Detailed Implementation Planning — Whether its agile - design as you go, or complete up-front waterfall approach, we can handle the design requirements.

Examples of Our Work

Seeing what we've done before can give a sense of what we are capable of. Here is a sampling of past projects from our portfolio.


Our Portfolio

County of San Luis Obispo — Multiple projects including custom e-Forms and process job definition manager. Built using ASP.NET/C# with Entity Framework, and AngularJS.
Corel — Enterprise project tracking system with employee time-tracking features. Built on SharePoint using custom InfoPath-based forms and SSRS for reporting.
Aspera — Rebuilt and refactored multiple product installers using Windows Installer technology.
American Farmers Network — Established over a dozen online stores using the Magento e-Commerce framework, including custom themes for each. Automated order processing operations allowing management of store with minimal overhead. Developed several custom extensions to enable key functionality for stores.
GlowPong — Migrated existing store from the now defunct Magento-Go platform to Magento Community Edition. Also customized site with new theme.
RTSV United — Created web site for a political organization, with integrations including Facebook, YouTube, Google Maps and Paypal.
OSoSLO — We've created our own products as well, including Switch™, a popular time-tracking app for BlackBerry, and EZTiler™, a program for creating seamless tiles from photographs.

About Us

We are OSoSLO. Our company name (pronounced "Oh so S.L.O.") stands for "Organic Software of San Luis Obispo". The name is in recognition of a way of life, far removed from the hectic pace of urban centers. Come join us, and enjoy the SLO life.

Company History

Company History

OSoSLO was founded in 2009 by Daniel Brannon, an experienced software developer, business manager and expert in software engineering infrastructure. The company is based in beautiful San Luis Obispo county, California, located midway on the coast between San Franscisco and Los Angeles.